Building on Foundations

Drawing is 50,000 years old, isn’t it? I think it comes from very deep within us. When all those people in the 1970s were trying to give up drawing, I did go and see them and they said: ‘Oh, you don’t need to draw now.’ And I did point out: ‘Well, why don’t you tell that to that little child there? Tell them you don’t need to draw and see what happens.’

David Hockney

As a classicly trained artist who focuses on capturing the people and places that catch my attention and are important to me, I think that drawing is a foundational skill upon which everything else builds. No matter what type of art you create, however, I believe that you have to master your foundation skills. Sculptures start in the sketchbook and solid welding skills make final metal versions possible, ceramicists have to learn the proper moisture level for their clay, and calligraphers have to master their flourishes. Building those skills takes time and practice, but the results that can come from this work is definitely worth it.

Andrew Tischler – I ran across Andrew’s work a few years ago and immediately fell in love. He’s an amazing painter and I switch back and forth between being inspired and despairing at how far I have to go. Fortunately, he’s not only an amazing artist but he has a passion for sharing what he’s learned, whether it’s in workshops, video courses, or free videos on his youtube channel. If you’re a painter looking for inspiration or how-to’s, enjoy looking at beautiful landscapes, or just want to hear an Australian accent, check out Andrew’s work.

  • Wall-o-Color! We’ve been having lots of fun and making great progress on the mural on the back of the Kroeger’s Ace Hardware building (and shout-out to the hardware store’s management for all of their help, the Town Plaza Merchant’s Association, and Jeramiah here at the Art Supply House for their donations and support.) The first of the foreground figures was added on Friday (the sun up above the arch) and the background is nearing completion! It’s visible from Main looking down 10th, and from up at the Fort! We’ve already had people stopping to take photos in front of it #TownPlazaMural If you want to join in on the fun, you can sign up to volunteer here. Know someone who might be interested in slinging some paint? Please forward this email on to them.

Practice some this week. Fill in a sketchbook with drawings, a page of swirls, or make a lot of mugs. Know that you are strengthening the foundation of your art, but also get lost in your work and enjoy the process!

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