Learning through overwhelm

You’re supposed to feel overwhelmed. It means you’re learning. … Give your mind time to adjust.

~ Dan Koe

I recently read the above quote and thought how true that can be. It can be overwhelming to learn something new – it can feel like the proverbial firehose coming at us. It can also feel like play. We can be dabbling with new concepts, exploring new information, testing out new methods and techniques, or experimenting with new tools and materials.

  • This week’s artist is –  Clara Woods – whose work a friend recently shared with the description, “She cannot speak, yet she understands Portuguese, English and Italian. She paints.” I had to learn more. Here’s her website and instagram!

No matter what approach we take, learning something new (or getting good at something new that we’ve recently learned) is a matter of trial and error. Things won’t make sense to us, until they do. New terminology will be unfamiliar. Holding our pencils in a different manner will feel awkward.  Like a kid, we’ll have to persevere. A toddler doesn’t fall down and give up. They fall down, get up and keep going, and repeat (at least overall). Be like a toddler – keep toddling forward and picking yourself up when you stumble. It’s worth it. No matter where you are on your journey, how toddly you might be, the world needs your art.

Matthew & the Art Supply House crew

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