Looking at Time

Now is only becoming more now.
~ Jack Spirko

Recently I’ve been thinking about time and how flexible it is. So much of how fast or slow time feels depends on our individual perception. When we’re doing something fun, time seems to fly by. It crawls when we’re in the middle of drudgery or anticipation. If we look at a fixed amount of time in contrast with our to-do list, that amount of time can seem luxuriously long if we only have a few tasks, or insignificantly short if we have a lot. We can get caught up in the now when we’re fixated on today. Focusing on the larger time frame of a few weeks or months allows time to be more expansive. Considering years or decades creates a truly abundant perception of time.

  • This week’s artist is –  Craig Pursley – whose work I ran across in some art magazine. One of the things that stood out to me was the scope of his work over time. He found a model who he loved working with, and who also loved working with him. Together, over 6 years, they created more than 100 paintings. That first, single painting that came from a bit of inspiration turned into a series, a book, and so much more! Check out his website and instagram for more of his work.

  • Louise Bourgeois would have celebrated her eleventy-first birthday on Sunday (that’s 111 on Christmas!).
  • There’s a lot of news about AI and the capabilities it currently and postulation about what it will have in the near future. Here’s an example of AI-enhanced art and music.
  • With so much AI in the future, we have to remain separate from the machines by doing the things that only we can do.
  • This guy dug a tunnel from his shed to his house (over 3 years).
  • These movies don’t exist – AI generated movie posters and descriptions for movies that don’t exist.
  • Here are the 25 greatest art heists of all time.
  • In this neat visualization, you can map countries to planets (ie: how big is the USA compared to the moon?)
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  • There are classes/workshops/projects available at Create Art and Tea, the Durango Arts Center, Let’s Letter Together, the 4 Corners Gem and Mineral Club, and the Scrapbook Nook. There are a lot more things happening that I don’t include – so if you’re ever looking for something to do, start at
  • Need a quick gift for a creative in your life (including yourself?) We assembled these grab-and-go art kits based on the things we would want to have – and then discounted the kits. Drawing, painting, and more – choose a subject, grab the kit and you’re ready to go!

Each of the different views of time is important. Looking years into the future allows us to dream big and set our sights higher than would otherwise be possible. Considering a few months ahead provides a “manageable” viewpoint that we can comfortably picture and work toward. Breaking those larger goals down into weekly and daily tasks keeps them bite-sized in such a way that they don’t feel overwhelming so that we actually make progress toward our goals.

If you wanted to create a body of art work – what could you make in 10 years? With that much time available, your creativity can really soar. Working backward from there, what would you need to do in the next few months to achieve the goal? Break that larger project down into smaller tasks that can be achieved day-by-day over the course of a week or month. Now it’s time to get to work on those smaller tasks.

No matter how you look at time, how quickly it currently seems to be moving, you have to use part of yours to create. The world needs your art!


Matthew & the Art Supply House crew