Part of the Community

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.

~ Coretta Scott King

In a past life I was actively involved in the art community in Lexington, Kentucky in a variety of different roles. After moving away I really missed those experiences and have really enjoyed that aspect of being part of the Art Supply House. It’s so inspirational to be around other artists, to share the enthusiasm about projects, and to help others fulfill their dreams. One of my goals as the new owner is to help strengthen the creative/artistic community here in the Durango area. If you have any suggestions/recommendations/questions/ideas about what we could do better, please reply or stop by and let me know!

  • Have you seen the work of local artist Dan Nicholl? If not, you’ve been missing out. He lives in Durango but creates artistic architectural records of buildings from around the world. If you look through his gallery you’ll recognize some of the places he’s captured, and possibly discover some new ones that you’d love to check out!

  • Fishing for the #TownPlazaMural – Made some more progress over the beautiful weekend. As Kroeger’s Ace prepares their warehouse space for the holiday season and the weather looks like it will be turning too cold/wet to paint soon we’ve packed away a lot of the materials but will continue to get out when we can to add even more details. 

  • If you’d like to try out some new scrapbooking materials or make some cards, the Scrapbook Nook has a couple more classes this month – Santa’s Workshop album at 1 on Thursday and the chance to make 4 cards using the Adventure Awaits collection at 1 on Tuesday.
  • It’s been a great week already! As I mentioned above, I’m actively looking for recommendations about how the Art Supply House can help to strengthen the local arts community. A couple of local artists swung by on Monday to chat about exactly that. Brenda and Elizabeth are both great artists and we really had fun just connecting over our love for Durango and for art. I’m so excited about the potential for the Durango arts community and for the opportunity to be part of it! (I’ll be featuring these two ladies as local artists in upcoming emails, but go check out their websites if you can’t wait to see their work!)
  • One last email mention of the 2018 Inktober 31 drawing challenge. There’s still time to get 31 drawings in if you are so inclined this month. Try out some new art supplies or techniques and chalk it up to part of the challenge goal. But not if it’s just going to be something stressful – the real goal is to enjoy the creative process!

I continue to be surprised/impressed/amazed/inspired(intimidated) by the talented individuals that I run across in the area – like Dan’s work from above. From painters to poets, quilters to photographers, sculptors to letter-ers, writers to drawers, crafters and creators of all kinds. There’s a whole lot of talented individuals here in the area (and you’re likely one of them!) It’s an honor to know you and be part of the artistic/creative community!

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Matthew & the Art Supply House crew