Rewards Program

It’s easy to use with great rewards, the Art Supply House offers a rewards program to all our customers.

What do you get with our rewards program?

For every $100 you spend on art supplies (not including certain sale items), you receive a 10 credit good towards your next purchase of $20 or more!  It’s like getting a 10% discount off all our excellent prices all the time!

We keep track of what you spend, so you don’t have to worry about that.  Also there are no cards to keep track of.  Just provide us your name at the time of sale.

Each month we try to mail you a note if you have acquired a store credit.

We also provide you with special discounts and sales like:

– 10% off for all professional artists
– 10% off for college students and staff
– 20% off for homeschoolers

How can you become a member?

Your account is completely free.  Every customer is AUTOMATICALLY entered into our rewards program when they make an initial purchase, but your participation is optional.

To complete your account we will ask you for the following:
– your name
– phone number
– a good mailing address
– an email address

This information allows us to contact you with discounts and other information.

Legal disclosure stuff

No, we don’t sell your information or anything like that.  You’re our friends… and that just wouldn’t be nice.

Our program and rewards may change at any time and without notice.  It’s all automated, so we’re limited by the software running the rewards program.

Points are added on your account at time of each purchase only if we know which account to put them on.  So make sure to give us your name at time of purchase so we can get the points on your account.  Points can’t be award after a sale (our system doesn’t support it. Sorry).

Store credit expires 30 days from when you qualified for the credit.

We are more than willing to give a cursory review of your account to see if our system missed allocating points to your account.  Sometimes things get missed.

Finally, we try our best, but we can’t guarantee anything.