Switching it up

Change always comes bearing gifts.

~ Price Pritchett

It’s easy to get caught up in routine. Whether daily, weekly, or some other cycle, a pattern naturally forms itself. There are benefits to such a routine – our mind is free to focus on other things while our regular tasks are taken care of some form of autopilot. We also need to be mindful to add in splashes of variety to ensure we don’t stagnate. 

  • This week’s artist is – Sarah Creasman – who I recently discovered while following my own advice – reading from a source I rarely check out. After getting her art degree she became an attorney but still makes art daily (both for herself and commissions). Check out her website and instagram for more!

  • Edward Burne-Jones would have been 189 on Sunday.
  • Poetry and Art – Vita Brevis Press publishes the work of contemporary poets and pairs each poem with a fine-art painting, facilitating a new level of engagement with both the words and the art.
  • Here is a juxtaposition of art and sports images that match each other (on instagram or on twitter.)
  • Apparently the Cincinnati Art Museum recently discovered that they have a magic mirror.
  • Never thought I’d enjoy reading about a history of magic/wishing hats as much as I did.
  • Here’s another round of photograph winners – NASA’s photos of the year and Audubon Photography award winners.
  • A couple of upcoming events – September 17-18 is the Autumn Arts Festival and this is the Art Supply House’s 20th anniversary! We’ll be celebrating during the last Saturday of October (which is also a customer appreciation day). Do you have your bag ready?
  • Tonight is one year of Word Honey: Open Mic Night. Join at The Hive’s indoor skatepark (1150 Main Ave. Suite A) from 6-7:30. Come to write, read, share, or just to listen and enjoy. Writers of all ages and abilities are encouraged to join. Costumes encouraged.
  • Know a teen who likes to make art? The Banned Books art contest will be accepting entries from Sept 1-15. More info available here, and we have fliers/entry forms to be picked up at the Art Supply House.
  • The Hive’s first art installation show will be Friday at 6.
  • This weekend is the iAM Music Fest – Dolores.
  • Saturday is the last one of the month – so it’s time for the Community Art Market at Hermosa Cafe. Open from 11-3. (If you’re interested in displaying, reach out to Lindsey).
  • Every Monday, from 6:30-9, head over to Guild House Games for Chess club. Free, drop in’s welcome. Upstairs at the Main Mall.
  • There are classes/workshops/projects available at Create Art and Tea, the Durango Arts Center, and the Scrapbook Nook. There are a lot more things happening that I don’t include – so if you’re ever looking for something to do, start at
  • There’s live music scattered about town all week. Like tomorrow’s concert in the Three Springs Plaza, and Friday at Fox Fire Farms. See what else is available here.
  • It seems that school is upon us once again. If you know any students, we have notebooks in a variety of options, sketchbooks, pencil sets, pencil bags, and more!

Perhaps changing up the regular routine means taking a different route, looking for information in a different source than usual, searching for new sparks of inspiration. We have to ensure that our creative wells don’t run dry – which means we have to keep adding to them. A flowing well helps us grow and helps us keep creating. As always, the world needs your art!


Matthew & the Art Supply House crew