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You guys did a great job on my project.  Everybody I talked to, nobody could get it done.  But you guys did a great job. 

E. Green
Durango, CO

You did a BEAUTIFUL job on the shadowbox dress frame.  I appreciate the care you took!

Maggie O.
Durango, CO

Thank you so much! We are greatful for your help.

Needham PTO
Durango, CO

We had an AMAZING experience. Shelly, gave us an awesome deal. This is the place to go! Shelly is so helpful and nice to her costumers and staff.

Mylie L.
Durango, CO

They had a wide variety of mediums. Some that I never knew, and the people there are very nice and helpful. Although, they lack variety of brands in paint and paintbrushes. Some but not all prices are a little higher than what I normally see but that sorta goes hand in hand with art supplies. Overall It's a good store.

A Google User
Durango, CO

This local shop is very knowledgable about custom framing. Very pleased with the results and personal customer service. Working with the owner, we were pleased at the care and attention to detail placed into a family heirloom we had framed. We are now back again to get more priceless pieces framed as we fully trust this shop with their skill sets.

Kel M.
Durango, CO

I fell in love with this art store immediately!! Great stuff for the professional artist or novice

Nancy M.
Durango, CO

Such a cool place! We love it. The hard part is getting the girls to leave.

Jeremy H.
Durango, CO

Helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff. My go to store when the big chains refuse to stock what I need (drove 4 hours, crossed 2 state boarders, just to get 1 marker).

Daryl B.
Chinle, AZ

Even if they don't have what I am looking for, they can get it. We are lucky to have them in Durango!

Kim Y.
Durango, CO

I'll never forget the cashier literally giving me the shirt off his back.

Lacey A.
Durango, CO

These guys are knowledgeable and friendly. I Have gone in for various projects and always found what I needed with their help. And they're local! Definitely a great find.

Leslie H.
Durango, CO

I'm loving wiring letters with my calligraphy set so much!

Jamie R.
Durango, CO

Thanks for helping us make the signs for our Halloween costumes! We were silent film stars and made cue cards with different movie lines on them.

Carrie W.
Durango, CO

Learning how to art for the first time. Thanks Art Supply House, for helping me get started!

Eric Smith
Durango, CO

I purchased an art kit for my daughter to take to a birthday party. Well, the day before the party my dog decided to tear apart the packaging and eat the instructions!!! I emailed the company to see if there was any way they could help, and within 2 hours I had a complete set of instructions to print out and take with us. This is the kind of quality and customer service that sets the Art Supply House apart. They ONLY stock quality product from reputable companies.

Tiffany B.
Durango, CO

I'm loving the brush pens I bought from you this weekend!!!!

Kim G.
Durango, CO

You guys are GREAT!

Durango, CO

These guys have great deals on canvas.

Durango, CO

I enjoy just coming in to see the people working here.

D. R.
Durango, CO