What do you see?

Drawing is learning to see and so is writing

~ David McCullough

I’ve always thought that the secret to any art (whether representative or not) is learning how to see. You learn to see through the practice of looking – though it looks like you’re practicing drawing or mimicking or some other activity. Sometimes you have to see what is actually in front of you, not what you think is there. Other times you have to look beyond the surface and into the structure of what is there, the truth of it.

  • I was just introduced to the art of Ben Sack this week and immediately fell in love with his work. The print that I saw was at least 4×3′ and just full of details that drew me in. Since it’s still InkTober I thought it only appropriate to feature another artist who works in pen and ink. If you watch his videos, you’ll notice that he has only the most basic of outline sketches started in pencil and everything else is done on the fly with his pen. The “atlas” series is done during an around-the-world cruise each year, capturing his experiences as he goes. Whether or not you love maps, check out his website for some awesome drawings!

  • Flowing along on the #TownPlazaMural – We certainly enjoyed the chance to get out and paint this last weekend! We finished outlining the river, I finished the leaf cloud in my aspen grove after three weekends of working on it, and we added a couple of additional figures. We’re still working with an eye on the weather and a hope to add more even details. If you haven’t been by recently, these pictures just don’t quite do it justice! 

  • Patrice DeLorenzo still has room in her Meditative Landscape Painting workshop. It’s for intermediate and advanced painters on Saturday, November 10 from 10:00am-4:00pm at the Artifacts Gallery in Farmington. For more information, contact Patrice at or (970) 799-8838. To reserve one of the limited seats call Artifacts Gallery at (505) 327-2907.
  • On Thursday evening there was a meeting about how to transform Durango into an official Creative District, hosted by Local First. I’m excited about the opportunities this could provide for the community! You can read more here on the Local First website.
  • If you’d like to try out some new scrapbooking materials or work on your art journal, the Scrapbook Nook has a couple of classes this week – Make a Christmas Magic Lantern at 1 on Thursday and make your next three months of Calendars at 10 on Saturday.
  • If you feel behind, it still isn’t too late to join in on the 2018 Inktober 31 drawing challenge. You can sketch out 31 quick drawings on the last two days of the month if that is all the time available to you, but we’re only half-way through October so far so there’s plenty of time! Remember, the goal is to get back to creating and to enjoy the process!
  • Interesting link of the week (hat-tip to Austin Kleon for pointing it out) – Drawing is the Best Way to Learn 

I love that article above, about drawing as the best way to learn. Even though I’m a trained artist with years of practice, I still doodle my way along. Swirls in margins during meetings, rough sketches of how things connect when I’m planning out some project, and stick figures holding signs when some quote catches my attention. After working as an IT guy for a few years, I love the feel of a paper notebook and using a pen or pencil. There’s just something about the tangible mark making that helps keep me grounded, that makes my little world a better place.

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