Frequently Asked Questions

 And other important points…


Regular Price Discounts:

10% discount for college students and staff

10% discount for Professional artists

15% discount for home-schoolers

$10 off for every $100 spent (rewards club members)

Sale Prices:

We regularly discount all pre-stretched canvas and canvas panels. We also regularly bring in new products into our store and have sales on various product we are not currently carrying. Check out our Clearance section for additional discounts.

Special Ordering & Product Availability Disclaimer:

We will always order product for you. We currently place orders WEEKLY on Friday, with most products coming in the following Thursday or Friday. So turn around time to receive your product is about 1 week.

We carry over 4,000 products in our store and can order around 50,000 different products from our distributors. Frankley we just dont have the room for everything (though we wish we did). Not all product is always available from our distributors, regardless of anything we said or you might have heard or read. Sometimes we get a shipment and a product we ordered is missing, or on backorder from our distributors. We are REALLY sorry for this… because we make a living by providing you the best service possible.

Minimum Order Policy:

Every once in a while we have ordering minimums. Generally this won’t apply to you. But if it does, we will let you know.

And generally, if you decide to order something and decide you don’t really want it… we won’t charge you for it at all. We take all the risk and you get the reward. (That’s because we’re here to serve you.)

Return & Exchange Policy:

We accept all returns exchanges for any product you bought with us, custom framing excluded. Receipt or record of purchase in our computer is required.  We will ask you why you are returning the product so that we can better serve you in future and/or provide better information about the product to our customers.

If you do not have a receipt, and we cannot find a record of purchase in our system, we will provide you with an in store credit.

Shipping Options:

We WILL ship anything you ask us to. This is not a regular thing for us… so please be patient. Additional shipping and handling fees will apply.  Payment must be made in full before we ship product to you.  We even make local deliveries.

Billing Options:

We only bill local organizations. If this isn’t you, we’re sorry for the inconvenience. We provide a receipt at time of purchase which must be paid within 30 days.

Customer Service Contact:

For any problems PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact the manager at the store. Our goal is your satisfaction.

Customer Rewards Program:

If you have already shopped with us, chances are you have a rewards account with us. All customers are automatically entered into our rewards program.

No, we don’t sell your information or anything like that. But you can get birthday discounts (just ask), $10 discounts with every $100 you spend, and more. This is our way of rewarding frequent shoppers.

Just be sure to mention the program at the register. If you have any questions or concerns – just ask the manager.

Excessively Rude or Misbehaving Children:

We love children and encourage a family friendly environment. We expect children to show respect to their parents and to the other customers in the store. We recognize that all children have moments of disobedience and we make allowance for it. At the same time, if your children start throwing large temper tantrums in the store, we will ask you and your children to leave.

Nudity in Art:

There is nudity in traditional art and art education. Nudity in art is a controversial subject and can be offensive to some. In order to avoid controversial topics and offending a portion of our clients we will avoid any open display of nudity in art or art supply products in our store.

Yes, most of the time we do frame artwork for clients even when the artwork contains nudity. If you have artwork that needs to be framed that contains nudity, please be respectful and discreet when bringing it into the store.  Please also understand that in some situations we may opt not to frame certain pieces of art with nudity, especially when the artwork is excessively erotic in nature.

Controversial Topics:

As a small retailer, we cannot stay in business by offending our customers or discriminating.  As such, we attempt to avoid all controversial topics in order to not offend our customers. These topics will change based on society standards and what’s in the news headlines.  If all of a sudden marshmallows became a controversial topic tomorrow, we wouldn’t sell marshmallows or be framing a picture of your marshmallow.  We are neither pro-marshmallow, nor anti-marshmallow.  We believe in YOUR right to support or deny marshmallowness.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  This does not mean we support or do not support the topic. We are simply attempting to avoid offending customers. If this means we are unable to provide a product or service to you, we apologize in advance and ask that you remember our goal is not to not offend our patrons but to provide you with the best possible products and services possible.  Thanks for your understanding.


People ask us for donations all the time.  And we wish we could give to everyone.  Most things we are asked to give to are really great and worthy of support.  But if we did give to everyone, we would soon go out of business.  As such we ask that all requests for donations be provided IN WRITING.  Please include (1) SPECIFICALLY what you are requesting,  (2) how you will use the product/service, (3) how it will promote art in the community and or help the Art Supply House, and (4) your contact information.

We review donation requests at our QUARTERLY board meeting.  If you have been selected, we will contact you.