A Little Bit of Re-invention

The creation of your art should always be the priority. The only variables you can control are your passion toward the work you create and the intensity with which you act upon that passion. It is futile to predict the public’s reaction to your art. The moment you begin to seek approval from external forces, your vision becomes theirs.

~Mario Andres Robinson

We’ve been changing things up here at the Art Supply House (and at The Art Experience). One of those changes has been with this email newsletter. My goal is to offer weekly tidbit of inspiration, advice, etc. To that end, I’m switching up the format of this email. Unless you tell me otherwise, I will be sending out a weekly list of inspiration, lessons, artists, artworks, etc that have caught my attention throughout the week.

  • The Gurney Journey – do you know James Gurney, artist, teacher, and author? I have been following his work for years, read his blog daily, and have learned so much from him – exploring new materials, techniques, tools, and discovering new-to-me artists that he shares. Definitely someone that I recommend you check out, just to peruse his beautiful work if nothing else! The picture above is his – Waterfall City, from the first Dinotopia book. Whether you like portraits, plein air, history, nature, animals… you’ll find something of interest.
  • Did you check out the art at the County Fair? There are some beautiful pieces upstairs and gorgeous photographs downstairs! Not to mention the amazing beadwork, quilts, and many other creative projects! Head out to the fairgrounds this weekend to see what some of your neighbors have been up to.
  • Patrice DeLorenzo has a workshop coming up on Saturday, September 15 at the Seed Studio in the Smiley Building: Explore Your Creative Self; Painting Workshop You can email her for more details:
  • Speaking of workshops, you may have noticed that we’ve stopped scheduling classes at The Art Experience. Unfortunately, we just found ourselves spread too thin and decided to pull back from some of our growth plans. There are other projects in the works and something had to give. It was a hard choice and one we hated to make, but in order to provide our best options to you, we had to put The Art Experience on the back-burner. We are hoping to re-open it as soon as possible in an even better location, and you’ll be the first to know once we do!

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Matthew & the Art Supply House crew