Customer Testimonial

Helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff. My go to store when the big chains refuse to stock what I need.

Daryl Begay


Customer Testimonials

5 stars!

Becca Lumbert

Even if they don’t have what I am looking for, they can get it. We are lucky to have them in Durango!

Kim Yeargin


Such a cool place! We love it. The hard part is getting the girls to leave.

Jeremy Ham

They had a wide variety of mediums. Some that I never knew, and the people there are very nice and helpful.

a Google user

From the Art Blog

Laura Mark Finberg

It’s Monday.  Time to showcase another artist!   Laura Mark Finberg Pennsylvania wildlife artist Laura Mark-Finberg’s paintings have been described as “windows unto the soul” of the animals she paints., During a career that has spanned more than twenty... read more

Steve Hanks

It’s Monday.  that means its time to showcase another artist. Steve Hanks is an amazing watercolor artist.  I mean absolutely amazing.  He combines both a mastery of color theory and realism with the light airiness of watercolor to produce some of the most... read more

Freelance artist 101

The first thing to understand about making money with art is that you generally wont make your entire annual income on one art project.  Generally speaking, you might make anywhere from $20 to a couple thousand on a project.  It’s rare for an artist to make much... read more

The Etherington Brothers

 It’s Monday – that means it’s time to showcase a new artist! The Etherington Brothers are a fantastic comic art duo.  One brother does the artwork, while the other comes up with the snarky story lines and text.  I’ve followed the Etherington... read more

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Customer Testimonial

Love the help here. They get you what you really need even if you don’t know exactly what you’re after.

Jamie Robertson