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Laura Mark Finberg

It’s Monday.  Time to showcase another artist!



Laura Mark Finberg

Pennsylvania wildlife artist Laura Mark-Finberg’s paintings have been described as “windows unto the soul” of the animals she paints., During a career that has spanned more than twenty years Laura has explored a vast array of subjects in her quest to help the viewer understand a little more about the animals she paints. Laura is meticulous in her research and attention to detail and demonstrates a flawless search for truth in each paintin.

Working primarily in acrylic, Laura’s technique is to build up layers of paint to create the detail, depth and reality of her paintings. According to Laura,”Unlike oil paints, acrylics are difficult to blend as they dry so fast; consequently, I use a lot of transparent washes or glazes and build up layers of paint.” Eyes are her favorite part. “Sometimes I’ll do the eyes first. If I’ve created life in the eyes the rest of the painting seems to paint itself. At other times I’ll wait to the end, almost as if there’s a reward for completing a piece.” “My favorite subject are the predators. Unlike some animals there is such awareness in the eyes.”

You can see Laura’s work at

I’ve included some of her work below…

lmf4 lmf2 lmf3

Steve Hanks

It’s Monday.  that means its time to showcase another artist.

steve hanks

Steve Hanks is an amazing watercolor artist.  I mean absolutely amazing.  He combines both a mastery of color theory and realism with the light airiness of watercolor to produce some of the most moving watercolor art I have ever seen.

Though many of his subjects are family friendly, a number of his paintings are highly sensual and do include nudes.

You can purchase his artwork at

I have posted some thumbnails of his artwork below.

sh - Aspen Winter sh - catching the rain sh - northwest coastline sh - the journey is the goal

The Etherington Brothers

 It’s Monday – that means it’s time to showcase a new artist! The Etherington Brothers are a fantastic comic art duo.  One brother does the artwork, while the other comes up with the snarky story lines and text.  I’ve followed the Etherington brothers for a number of years.  They have an amazing artistic sense and hilarious concepts.  Check out their website at They also have a kickstarter project here: I’ve included some of their artwork below. etherington DELUXE COLLECTION SKETCHBOOK BY LORENZO ETHERINGTON UPDATE 4 etherington Long gone don by lorenzo etherington brothers 14 etherington Monkey Nuts tall banner flatetherington ROBOT CONCEPTS ART by Lorenzo Etherington 3