Curation as art

A collection makes a statement about the collector’s taste, the world they want to create around themselves.

~ Maira Kalman

I recently ran across a quote saying, “I have come to the conclusion that buying craft supplies and actually using them are two separate hobbies.” How true!

Curating a collection takes more work than one might initially think. I consider this when choosing the 4 images to show from a given artist’s body of work in each week’s email. If I choose from a single series, you might think that is the only thing that artist creates. If I choose from a broad range, who knows what impression you might come away with. Ultimately, my selection is judged by what catches my eye and what I think you might be interested in seeing. It’s definitely a glimpse into what interests me.

  • This week’s artist is – Rick Schaefer – whose work I ran across through an interview in Artist Magazine. As a fitting continuation of today’s chat about collections – I always come back to graphite, charcoal, and linework. So I love seeing Rick’s work. For even more, check out his website and instagram!

Curating a collection – of art for a show, of materials to keep/collect, or of tools to display – is in itself a creative act. I have spoken to customers who are getting a new product, material in a certain color, or a particular tool – just because they don’t have it yet. They’re pursuing a creative act. They’re creating their world.

No matter what you do with your supplies, the world needs your creativity!

Matthew & the Art Supply House crew

P.S. – Our Spring Clean Art Supply Drive is this month. Almost everyone has a bin of unwanted art supplies gathering dust in their basement. Whether it be from a project you’ve finished, a ridiculous amount of expensive supplies from college or a sewing kit from a loved one, you’re not alone. Free your burden of creativity past and bring them to the store this month and we’ll pass them on to a nonprofit that will put them to good use, changing people’s lives.