Making money with art

Freelance artist 101

The first thing to understand about making money with art is that you generally wont make your entire annual income on one art project.  Generally speaking, you might make anywhere from $20 to a couple thousand on a project.  It’s rare for an artist to make much more unless they are working on a very substantial project. Art is around us every day.  Its in the sheets on our bed when we wake up (some one designed them) to the clothes we wear, to the product packages we buy.  Art is literally everywhere. I recently spoke with an artist friend I have been working with.  Late last year I encouraged her to pursue art as a full time career.  This year she’s on track to make close to $10,000 all from her artwork.  Not bad for a first year’s effort!  And she did it all while working other jobs and attending college.  As time goes by she will continue to develop clients and income streams and make more money. So here’s the big tip this week: plan on and find multiple sources of art income.  Plan on having multiple art projects. In the coming weeks I’ll provide you a list of art projects you could use to make money with you art skills.    

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