Making money with art

Make money with Art Material reviews

 Are you an artist? Want to make some EASY money? Review an art material and provide the information to the Art Supply House.  We’ll give you a $10 in store credit.  (Cash payments can be arranged, but there are certain additional legal requirements) All we need is the following:

  1. Come into the store and find a product on our shelves to purchase.
  2. ASK US BEFORE you do the review.  We may already that item reviewed and we only pay for the initial product review.
  3. Provide a written review or video review.  Make sure to include the following:
  4. the product name
  5. a description of the project you used the product on
  6. 3 images  of the product and your project.  These images should be something like:
  7. a picture of you holding the product
  8. a picture of the product in the middle of your project
  9. a finished picture of your project
  10. Email us the review.

Its really that simple. So call us, or stop on by and ask about providing a review of an art product and start making money TODAY!

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