Thank You!

I believe in the power of the arts. Visual, written, performing, you name it. Art is the means through which we inform, educate, entertain, and learn about the world around us. We take issues, triumphs, emotions, stories, and channel them into powerful works of art. Art heals. Art entertains. Art teaches. Art leads.

I was recently reading an author‘s thoughts on gratitude. He said, “Years ago I had the revelation that if you aren’t grateful for the things in your life you shouldn’t bother getting more things in your life, because you also won’t be grateful for them. That caused me to focus more on appreciating the things I have, and it’s been a valuable practice. It causes me to get 100% of the joy out of everything in my life.” We are humbled to be part of your artistic journey in whatever way we can. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  • This week’s artist is – Sara S’Jegers – who stopped by the store when she first came to visit Durango. Since then I’ve seen her work around town. It’s always so much fun to stumble across familiar work and know the person behind it! Check out her website and instagram for more.

  • Henri Matisse would have been 153 on Saturday.
  • Thinking about the artist’s personal message behind the artwork, this secret sentence behind a project is a great approach (especially the fortune cookie idea). Or perhaps just choosing a single guiding word.
  • Paynes Gray, the man, the mystery, the pigment.
  • Here’s a colored pencil video tutorial.
  • More than 150 new geoglyphs identified in Peru.
  • Guild House Games (in the Main Mall) still has weekly Chess Club meetings. Swing by every Monday night from 6:30-9 if you want to join in!
  • The DAC has new classes starting up next year. Here are a few that are coming up.
  • There are quite a few New Year’s Eve events happening on Saturday. Here are a few if you’re looking for something to do.
  • There are classes/workshops/projects available at Create Art and Tea, the Durango Arts Center, Let’s Letter Together, the 4 Corners Gem and Mineral Club, and the Scrapbook Nook. There are a lot more things happening that I don’t include – so if you’re ever looking for something to do, start at
  • We appreciate you! One of the ways we try to show it is through our customer appreciation program. Keeping track of your purchases at the store on the card allows you to get (extra) discounts back as store credit. You can’t buy these bags, but we will happily give you one. It allows you to get (even more) discounts a few times a year. We are always asking ourselves how we can help make the creative process as easy as possible for you (because the world needs your art)!

We’re moving in to a new year. I hope you’ve had a great year. I hope next year is even better! Pay attention to the good things in your life. That appreciation will help them flourish.

Art makes the world a better place. Whether you’re making it for the process or the end result. Maybe you aren’t making it but are viewing, displaying, collecting, sharing, or curating it. In whatever capacity you interact with art, it makes you a better person and improves the world.

The world needs your art!


Matthew & the Art Supply House crew