What’s your style?

Either you go the way everyone goes and become an ordinary person like everyone else, or you create your own original way and become an extraordinary person that everyone watches in amazement.

~ Mehmet Murat Ildan

In a children’s book (part of the Unicorn and Yeti series) I recently read a story about the two characters as they were painting. Each one painted in a different style (one abstract, and one representationally). Each was jealous of how the other painted, and no matter how hard they tried to paint differently, ended up painting like themselves. Yeti couldn’t paint like Unicorn, but wanted to. Unicorn couldn’t paint like Yeti, but wanted to. They ended up loving the process of painting and trading work with one another.

  • This week’s artist is –  Jane Mercer – a Durango local. This is definitely a case of, “I can’t believe I haven’t shared her work yet!” In a recent email exchange she mentioned that as, “a local fine art painter I find endless subjects in our charming historical town.” Check out her website for more.

We’re all different. Our styles develop over time. If you see my watercolor plein air paintings, they definitely look like mine. I didn’t set out to develop a style, but one arrived after I spent enough time behind the paintbrush. It’s easy to look at another artist’s work and wish you could do something like that. They make it look easy. Odds are, if they looked back at you, they’d be saying the same thing! No matter what your style, it’s uniquely yours – and the world needs it!

Matthew & the Art Supply House crew

P.S. – As a heads-up, we’re going to be having a spring clean art supply drive in April. We’ll take in donations of art supplies and materials that you aren’t using and distribute them all to an organization or two who can really put them to great use. So while you’re looking through your supplies, keep that in mind. Note the things that you aren’t using and haven’t in some time. We’ll send out reminders when we start accepting donations.