About the Art Supply House

We are passionate about art – making, preserving, and displaying it.

When Durango residents needed access to high quality art supplies, Linda Frazee stepped in to help make that happen in 2002 and then her husband Chris began offering custom framing services in 2003.

After nearly a decade, they decided it was time to pursue new adventures. In 2012 Jeramiah Townsend and his family took over the business. He continued to grow the store and streamline operations.

In 2019, Matthew French-Holt purchased the business as Jeramiah pursued another passion. Today, it remains a local, family-run business. Matthew’s wife works in the business, and their toddler daughter tests all of the new crayons that arrive.

An artist and entrepreneur, Matthew is passionate about art and continuing to supporting local artists.

If we can’t be excellent, then why do it at all?

I want to create a store where people love to come and shop… and where people love to work. Our workplace should honor the amazing employees who work here. We can help our customers by providing them with the products they desire at an affordable price and always offering the highest quality service.

Matthew French-Holt ~ Owner

The world needs your art

We think that:

  • art makes the world a better place.
  • making art can be just for fun.
  • making art can be for profit.
  • making art helps you be the best version of yourself.
  • the world needs the best version of you.
  • the world needs YOUR art.

We’re all artists here.

When you have questions about framing, making, materials, techniques, and more – we understand. We love hearing about your projects, helping you create your best work, ensuring your work is preserved and displayed in the best possible way. We’re here to help. After all, art makes the world a better place!