We are ALWAYS looking to hire the right people.

We offer a very relaxed, open, and fun environment.  But let’s deal with all the “politically incorrect” stuff first… because we aren’t politically correct.

We BELIEVE that all people should be respectful of others, but at the same time you can’t separate what a person believes from who they are.  We EXPECT you to bring your personal feelings, beliefs, and thoughts into the workplace.  We encourage an open and honest environment for our employees without trying to “hide” who they are. If you can’t handle respectful discussion about differing beliefs or thoughts without losing control or throat punching someone… this isn’t the place for you.  

We EXPECT you to meet performance standards… and we don’t expect to hold your hand to make it happen.  To stay in business we have to provide products and services, and yes, we need to make a profit.  And we expect you to be able to work fairly independently to achieve those results.  You will always have someone to ask questions of when they arise, and we will keep an eye on the work your do in order to provide a high level of service to our customers.  But we won’t be hovering over you.  If you don’t agree with making profits or being a profitable employee, this isn’t the place for you.

You MUST be able to accept and apply correction.  We set standards and we expect those standards to be met.  We try to prepare you for every project, but due to the nature of our unique custom service you may not always know how to complete a project properly.  We expect this.  And when we see it we will inform you of the issue, instruct you on how to correct it, and then ask/expect you to complete or correct the work accordingly.  If you can’t accept correction, make changes, and “redo” a project, this isn’t the place for you.

We WANT you to be happy and succeed.  Working at the Art Supply House will either be a good fit for you, or it won’t.  Not everyone can accept the openness and freedom we provide.  But we accept that we can’t change you, and you can’t change us.  If you wake up and love coming to work you will generally be a great employee and thrive here.  But if you wake up depressed and not wanting to come to work… then you will not be successful here… and things just start to fall apart for all of us.  If that’s the case, we will invite you to move on to another adventure.  No hard feelings either way.  

Positions include Art Supply Sales Associates, Picture Framers, Manager.  

Art Supply Sales Associate

Duties include having a fun and inviting personality.  If you aren’t a “people person”… just don’t apply.  You need to be an artist or know about art supplies.  We provide a lot of direction to professional artists and college Art Majors. Generally if you aren’t an artist you won’t have a passion for art.  And you won’t be able to answer the questions customers have about art supplies.  Stocking shelves, keeping the store clean, organized and looking good, and completing customer purchase transactions are regular activities.

Picture Framer

We frame artwork for customers, galleries, and professional artists, using primarily conservation standards.  Occasionally we will hire inexperienced picture framers who have experience in other similar related industries like fine wood working or finish carpentry and train them.  You will be expected to work independently, and proficiently.  You will regularly select proper mat and frame combinations to best enhance a customers artwork.  


Managers have to be wizards of organization and problem solving, with impeccable understanding of art and color theory.  You need to be able to juggle tornadoes and turn a sows ear into a silk purse.  Because of the standards we demand for our customers, 99% of applicants will not make it past the first interview. 

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