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Art is our memory of love. The most an artist can do through their work is say, let me show you what I have seen, what I have loved, and perhaps you will see it and love it too.

~ Annie Bevan

It can be scary to share your art, whether it’s your first piece or your thousandth. When creating, you put yourself into the work – your thoughts, time, energy, focus, and feelings. The art becomes an extension of yourself. And when you share with others, it’s easy to feel vulnerable. You hope that the viewer understands and appreciates what the art means to you, that your message is accurately received. Hopefully, perhaps, they will see and love it as you do.

  • Dara Cochran – Have you seen Dara’s work, one of our local artists? I certainly hope so, her work is stunning, no matter the size. The 10′ mural shown above is only half of the project! Her work clearly shows her passion, for art, for the world around her and its inhabitants. A world traveler, she calls Colorado home and we’re lucky to have her here in Durango – if you get the chance, she’s a delight to chat with. See more of her work, and read about some of her travels, at:
  • Mural in the making! You may have noticed the Durango Herald mentioning the mural project. Or, you may have noticed the huge splash of color that was added to the back of the Kroeger’s Ace Hardware building over the weekend – and we’ve only just started! Everyone involved is super excited – the first 30 feet of color is visible from the Fort, and we’ve got 10 times that to go! If you’re interested in volunteering, sign up here and let us know. Know someone who might be interested in slinging some paint? Please forward this email on to them.
  • Have you checked out the Animas City Farmer’s Market? This week is the time to do so, since they’re hosting the Creative’s Night Out this week – farmer’s market and night bazaar.  It’s part block-party, part market, 100% fun! Games, art, music, food and shopping. It’s this Wednesday, from 5-7pm at the corner of W 30th and Main.

Explore the world around you, pause and record something that you love through your art. Focusing your attention means that you will learn even more about it and hopefully come to appreciate it even more.

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