A game of millimeters

Inch by inch, life’s a cinch. Yard by yard, life is hard.

~ John Bytheway

I recently read an article about exercising. The author tried a new exercise and found it much easier than anticipated. After reviewing the process, they realized that they weren’t quite doing the exercises properly. A small adjustment, and the exercises started having the desired effect. There’s a saying in sports that states something is a game of inches – indicating that the gap between success and failure is small. But, as the author discovered, sometimes it’s a game of millimeters.

  • This week’s artist is –  Cofee – whose work was recently shared with me. For even more, check out his instagram!
  • Peter Voulkos would have been 100 on Monday!
  • Studio & has put out a call to artists: Delicate will be an open group show on display from February 23 – March 2. Work has to be dropped off by the 21st. Here is more info on eligibility and other such details.
  • The Art Guild of Create is now open to supporting emerging businesses. They are renting art studios similar to the Art Collective at the Smiley Building. The Art Guild of Create hopes you will stop by to see the spaces and share a cup of tea to hear their story. Find more info at their website at:
  • Here are 3 ways to work with Walnut Ink.
  • This is a digital workshop on spontaneous watercolor landscapes.
  • This video shows how Japanese Calligraphy Ink is made.
  • Here are the 2023 Audubon Photography Award winners and honorable mentions.
  • One artist’s series – a Dog a Day.
  • 😎 Fun Fact: It’s a well-known tale that Vincent van Gogh cut off his ear, but he actually only cut off a small portion of it, not the whole ear.
  • Here’s one person’s advice on how to sleep well.
  • I’ve recently run across the concept of more search, less feed in a few different contexts and versions.
  • Having fond memories of watching my dad work at his forge, I rather enjoyed this article about knife forging.
  • The article above talks about the molecules of the iron throughout the different temperatures. This one talks about how cells aren’t empty.
  • LPYS’s 10th annual Unchain My Heart youth art showcase is coming up. It’s a night dedicated to celebrating the talented youth in our community and raising awareness for their work support and advocate for youth struggling with challenges in school, court, or at home. Join in for a silent auction, art, music, food, drinks, and community fun. All proceeds go to LPYS. Get tickets and learn more here.
  • Planning Ahead – Melinda Malone will be providing guidance in April’s Quilting Class at Bayfield’s Pine River Library. The class is free but students are required to provide their own supplies and have use of their own sewing machine. It runs all Wednesdays in April from 1:30-3:30.
  • First Fridays are planned for March through November this year. Durango First Friday is a monthly art walk celebrating all things local in our amazing community – art and music, culture, unique goods, real food, and movement makers! Some of 
  • It’s Snowdown – so there’s stuff all kinds of stuff happening all around, from Friday till Sunday the 4th. Here’s a list of events.
  • Head to Lola’s Place every Sunday afternoon (from 2-5:30) when Guild House Games brings loads of board games for your pleasure! Compete in your favorite game or try a new one! Meet new friends and enjoy a taco and beverage! It’s so easy…just show up and they’ll do the rest!
  • Christmas tree drop off is running through Jan. 31, at Santa Rita Park
  • There are classes/workshops/projects available at the 4 Corners Gem and Mineral Club, the Bayfield Library, Create Art and Tea, the Dancing Spirit Center for the ArtsDurango Sustainable GoodsLet’s Letter Together, the MakerLab, the Scrapbook NookSeed Studio, and the Durango Arts Center. There are a lot more things happening that I don’t include – so if you’re ever looking for something to do, start at
  • We brought in some new random pads. The Lamali are just fun to see and a delight to use. We have been curious about the comic strip boards and finally brought some in to get a feel for. And Rhodia’s 4 colors book was just too eye-catching to pass up.

As with the exercise above – improvements can come from small shifts. Incremental adjustments rather than large scale changes or radical pivots. If something in your creative pursuit endeavors isn’t working for you – you don’t necessarily have to try something new. You can make minor adjustments. You can tweak, rather than hack. Doing that is a small amount of work, but it can result in big gains. Sometimes you need a tool, or a technique, or just a point of view. Whatever you need, we’re happy to help as we can. We think art makes the world a better place. We think making act makes better people. We’re here to help. Creating can be hard, but you don’t have to do it alone. No matter what, the world needs your art.

Matthew & the Art Supply House crew