Don’t forget to make time

Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

~ Marthe Troly-Curtin

It’s that time of year (especially in the world of retail) where time just slips away into some sort of vortex and there just isn’t enough of it to do all the things. This is the case the rest of the year, but it seems even more true at the moment.

A friend recently had surgery, which means lots of downtime during recovery and a pick-up weight limit. Well inside that weight limit? Art supplies! They quipped that they could now make art without guilt. Isn’t it telling in our world that it takes some external influence to make us feel that way?

  • This week’s artist is – Lavely Miller – whose work I saw in a recent International Artist magazine. I was surprised to read that she does most of her acrylic painting with her fingers. Well… that I’ve got to share! To see even more, check out her website or instagram!
  • Pierre Puvis de Chavannes would have been 199 tomorrow!
  • Playing the SpiderHarp.
  • For her new album Rockstar, Dolly Parton has covered a number of “iconic rock anthems”, including Prince’s Purple Rain.
  • Here are holiday recipes dictated by kindergartners. You need turkey flavoring, of course. Also, I can’t believe that sprinkles were optional!
  • Here is a very pleasing drawing of a piece of bread. And the story behind it, but mostly the bread.
  • Here’s a visualization of where the food goes.
  • This pond looks like a Monet painting.
  • Smell changes how we perceive colors! (ie: when participants smelled coffee, they mistakenly thought the grey color was more of a red-brown.)
  • 😎 Fun Fact: The term “salary” comes from the Latin word “salarium,” which was a payment made to Roman soldiers for the purchase of salt, an essential commodity.
  • Here’s a list of things that will be entering the public domain next year.
  • How do you get into your creative zone?
  • There are (at least) two chances to get photos with Santa. He’s making a stop at TBK Bank to say hi and have some fun! (from 10-2). The day will be filled with caroling, crafts, a silent auction, cookies, cocoa & photos with Santa!
  • He’s also going to be on his Harley at the Harley-Davidson from 11-2. You can take pictures with your own phone or camera and they will provide Polaroid pictures. There will be fun activities for the kids as well.
  • There’s still a Slow Bluegrass Jam at the General Palmer on Tuesday from 5:30-7:30, in case you’re a beginner/intermediate acoustic music player looking to play more. This weekly jam is welcoming to all players, with a focus on slower tempo improvisation solos and chord changes. If you can play the I, IV and V chords in G, D and A then you know enough to play at this jam!
  • There are classes/workshops/projects available at the Dancing Spirit Center for the ArtsLet’s Letter Together, the Scrapbook NookCreate Art and Tea, Durango Sustainable Goods the 4 Corners Gem and Mineral Club, Seed Studio, and the Durango Arts Center. There are a lot more things happening that I don’t include – so if you’re ever looking for something to do, start at
  • We’re hitting limited time. If you want something framed for Christmas, we can do it – but with limited options (to ensure that we can make it happen in time). A great choice starts with one of the ready-made frame options. Most of these can be grabbed off the wall, taken home, and put to use. The others need a few minutes for use to get glass and a backing board installed. If these won’t work, we do have some custom options from materials that we have on hand. Jump on the schedule as soon as you can if you want something for Christmas!

So, in this time of external busy-ness – here’s a reminder to make time for your art. You’ll have fun. You’ll feel better. You might even make something worthwhile. Most importantly, you need to make art. The world needs your art!

Matthew & the Art Supply House crew

P.S. – December happens to have 5 Saturdays this year – which mean that the final Customer Appreciation day is coming up at the end of this month! Do you have your bag ready?