Easing into the new year

There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.

~ Alan Cohen

I had a grand plan of talking about sketchbooks and goals and what-not as we transition into 2024. However… Instead I’m going to recommend not taking this week so seriously. (Perhaps next week we can chat about goals and the importance of sketchbooking.) Maybe you’re still working and not exactly taking it easy. That doesn’t mean you can’t make time for the little things that you enjoy. In that spirit, I’m going to take this opportunity to share some of my backlog of links that I think you might enjoy. So the things below might be kind of random!

  • This week’s artist is – David Ambarzumjan– His Brushstrokes in Time series bring together large, rough brushstrokes with intricate landscapes — it’s a stimulating combination. To see even more, check out his website or instagram!

At least find some of the little things that you enjoy. That could be a special beverage (I’m drinking a version of mulled elderberry juice as I type this), a favorite activity, or just taking an opportunity to snuggle up to a good book. Whatever it happens to be for you, take the time to recharge. That helps us be the best version of ourselves – and the world needs the best you it can get!

Matthew & the Art Supply House crew