Learning to See

I believe in the power of the arts. Visual, written, performing, you name it. Art is the means through which we inform, educate, entertain, and learn about the world around us. We take issues, triumphs, emotions, stories, and channel them into powerful works of art. Art heals. Art entertains. Art teaches. Art leads.

It seems like the world is currently a horrible place. Unless we look at things differently – lifespan is up, previously un-curable ails are now inconveniences, information is readily accessible, and so much more. So much of life is formed by our viewpoint and approach to it. Generally speaking, I’m a pretty upbeat optimist – while part of this is inborn personality, part is intentional practice. My days start off reading some daily comics and I avoid most news sources. Likewise, I am a competent draftsman because I learned to look at negative spaces, values in shadows, and relative scales of items – then practiced those skills.

  • You may have seen work from this week’s artist – Steven Powell – in the Art Supply House. The 3d Bob Ross caricature near the clay – that’s from Steven. He often comes to visit us in the store and he’s a delight to chat with. His sculptures are always a hit – with everyone who sees them. See a few more here.

  • Lots of classes at the Scrapbook Nook this month! Join the girls for some creative fun time on Thursday at 1. Make a pop-up card at 10 on Saturday, and receive an 8×8″ tablet of the new paper by Graphic 45. And don’t miss the chance to play with embossing powders on Tuesday at 1!
  • Learn to paint… for free on YouTube.
  • Interested in landscapes? Here are 5 compositions to work from.
  • Oil painting mediums, explained.
  • How one artist started.
  • Ever wanted to see yourself as an old master portrait? Here’s your chance!
  • The Animas City Night Bazaar is tonight, from 5-8. Food, live music, artisans, vendors, and more! Join in the food fun at 3057 Main Avenue in the parking lot behind A Smile by Design. More info here.
  • The Wells & Van Tyn will be tucked away in the Rochester’s Secret Garden for their summer concert series. Swing by on Wednesday evening from 5-7 for some live music (that’s tonight!) There’s a $10 cover charge that benefits a variety of non-profits.
  • Ever been curious about botanical printing? Tricia is teaching a workshop in Telluride over the first weekend in August! Learn more and reserve your spot here.
  • Our new art contest is live! Since the summer finally arrived, get out there and create a piece that features a local landmark or landscape. Head over to our website for more the details
  • In honor of July being National Watercolor Month, this week’s featured product(s) is watercolor paper(s)! Of course, we keep a variety of Strathmore products on hand, but we also carry some Arches in individual sheets and a pad or two. For blocks, we have been thrilled with the quality (and value!) of the Fluid papers – whether you want cotton or synthetic paper we have a block for you!

It’s easy to become discouraged, when our art projects don’t go as planned, when a debate doesn’t go our way, or just when the traffic is backed up. But we live in an amazing time and it is worth pausing, taking a deep breath, and looking around to appreciate when and where we live. After all, we’re in the mountains in Durango! Enjoy the views, listen to the birds and the river and marvel at the beauty around us!


Matthew & the Art Supply House crew

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