National Creativity Day

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

~ Maya Angelo

May 30th is National Creativity Day. One the one hand, I can’t imagine only being creative one day a year. On the other, I’m thrilled to have an “official” day dedicated to unleashing our imaginations. Whatever type of art you make, whether painting, drawing, fiber arts, photography, videography, cooking, leather working, writing, or any of a thousand other options, tomorrow is a day set aside to celebrate your creative pursuits!

  • This week’s artist is a local with a lifetime of art experiences – Deborah Kelroy – has been a graphic designer, calligrapher, jeweler, and now an oil painter! While she has taken numerous classes as an art student, she now focuses on giving back as a teacher – sharing what she loves and knows. See more of her work and learn more about her workshops on her website.

  • Featured creative company – Yarns, Threads, and More – The former Yarn Durango has moved, expanded and changed their name to reflect this growth into the creativity center for fiber enthusiasts. Check out their website if you’re interested in knitting, crochet, embroidery or cross-stitch! You can now find them at the North end of the Wal-Mart parking lot between Comfort Dental and T-Mobile, with lots of parking available! Swing by to explore the wall-to-wall color and texture, if you’re looking for inspiration.
  • The Durango Arts Center has Children’s Summer Art camps coming up next week. You can still sign up!
  • Looking for an art class for yourself? Deborah Kelroy will be teaching Floral Oil Painting at the DAC next Saturday (June 8th). Get more information on her website and reserve your spot here.
  • If you don’t already have plans for this evening, check out the Animas City Night Bazaar for a Dance Night from 5-8. There will be food, music, dance lessons, and more at 3057 Main Avenue in the parking lot behind A Smile by Design. Get more information here.
  • Have you ever wanted to learn portrait painting? Andrew’s one of my favorite artists to follow and I think his new portrait class will be invaluable.
  • It seems to be an unspoken requirement that one of the requirements for living in Durango is having a pet. If you haven’t fulfilled this requirement yet (like yours truly) then the Adopt-a-Thon at the humane society on Friday and Saturday might be a don’t miss event! If your home is already full of love, swing by and pick up something from the grill – all proceeds benefit the animals.
  • Since the river is actually flowing this year, Animas River Days might be even more exciting than 2018! There are all kinds of activities coming up this weekend. Even if you’re not interested in playing in the water, there should be some great opportunities for art making.
  • While this research is based on film, I think that similar results come from looking at art that features people.
  • If you’re looking for an art challenge, you may consider 30×30 Direct Watercolor. And feel free to put your own spin on it – paint tiny, or huge, or… something different. More info here.
  • Need an external art project? Here’s one coming up in June.
  • With all the rain/snow, you’d think we have plenty of opportunities to see rainbows. Whether or not you’ve seen any, use the colors of the rainbow to create an entry for our third art contest. More details are available here.
  • This week’s featured item is this thing… Ok Matthew scoot on over and let me take the reins on this one. Kristen here, “these things” are also known as Pilot Parallel Pens. A Wonderful modern spin on the classic dip pen. Not only do they allow you to create thick and thin lines, you can also touch the nibs (tips) of two pens with different colors together and make a perfect gradient blend.These pens are refillable, compatible with many different types of inks. We carry all 4 tip widths along with the colored ink refills. Come on in and check them out! Just make sure to ask me if you have any questions!

Twyla Tharp once wrote “Creativity is a habit, and the best creativity is the result of good work habits.” If we want to succeed, we need good habits. As mentioned in the quote above, it’s not like we’ll run out of creativity (unless we let the well run dry). Often, practice is boring. But that’s what it takes to get better, to keep the pump primed and the inspiration flowing. Build that habit, strengthen and pursue your creative interests, and embrace your creativity!

Write it. Shoot it. Publish it. Crochet it, saute it, whatever. Make.

~ Joss Whedon


Matthew & the Art Supply House crew

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