We are makers

Before children speak,
they sing.
Before they write,
they paint.
As soon as they stand,
they dance.
ART is the basis of human expression.

~ Phylicia Rashad

I’ve been reading through a stack of parenting/child development books (you know, as one does.) One of the things that stands out to me is that a lot of the best practices for raising a kiddo are also best practices for being a human. Feeling crabby? Maybe you’re thirsty, hungry, tired or overwhelmed. Good habits are helpful. A schedule is foundational for moving comfortably through the day.

  • This week’s artist is – Nick Willems – whose work I saw in this article. That’s a different version of pyrography than I normally see. For even more, check out his website!
  • Juan Martínez Montañés would have been 456 on Saturday!
  • It’s fun to look at other artists’ tools. Here are some painters palettes.
  • The Natural Landscape Photography Awards for 2023 are here.
  • There is an actual word for using words to describe visual art! The word is ekphrasis.
  • It was recommended that I check out the site – specifically the archeology links. There’s a wealth of information there!
  • Here are 12 bird names that sound like insults. (I like mumruffin.)
  • Can you spot the mountain lion in this photo?
  • There’s a Tokyo toilet tour.
  • This article shares tips on how to improve your sense of direction.
  • Here’s the brightest, hungriest black hole ever detected.
  • The Bayfield Library currently has a Bayfield Student Art show up on display.
  • In their most recent newsletter, the library also shared this tidbit: Interested in displaying your art at the library? Email us at or call us at 970.884.2222 ext. 1
  • Here are 8 ways to tell if your painting is finished.
  • I thought this list of artist affirmations was well worth sharing (enough that I sent it to the Morning Muse email list earlier this week.)
  • 😎 Fun Fact: The oldest known musical instruments are flutes made from bird bone and mammoth ivory, found in a cave in Germany and dated to about 40,000 years ago.
  • Head to the Durango library tonight (6-8) for Writers & Scribblers – a group for writers of all kinds to learn, practice, and share the art and craft of writing.
  • Also at the library, tomorrow (Thursday) is a Crafternoon (for Adults!) from 4-5:30. Come and play with their huge array of crafting supplies! Crafting isn’t just fun, it’s fundamental for mental health, relaxation, and happiness! Come and explore our awesome craft supplies each month. Follow a suggested project or free play and create your own masterpiece! This space is reserved for adults (17+) This month: Make your own prayer flag
  • Studio & turns 14 on Friday, and they’re celebrating from 5-9. From their poster – “Studio & turns 14!!! Whhaaaat? In Years? How in the hell did that happen? 14 years ago, yesterday, we flung our doors open for the first time, and its been cattywompus at 1027 main ever since. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been spewing our slightly-regulated brand of tomfoolery under the banner of the ampersand for that long! And they said it’d never last!!! Join us this Friday as we celebrate diligently doing our damndest for 14 years!!! Dig the good shoes out of the closet and throw on the snazzy duds, it’s gonna be a party! Bring your friends and neighbors, all are welcome!! Bonnets & Ponchos strongly encouraged! Potatoes Provided.”
  • Also, their call to artists is still going. Deadline to apply for UNKNOWN: A Juried Exhibit is is Friday, March 15th. Here’s the prospectus, in case you’re interested.
  • It’s the time of year when there are lots of live music events, open mics, live jam sessions, etc, scattered about the area throughout the week. There are too many to list here, so if you’re looking for such things, head over to
  • There are classes/workshops/projects available at the 4 Corners Gem and Mineral Club, the Bayfield Library, Create Art and Tea, the Dancing Spirit Center for the ArtsDurango Sustainable GoodsLet’s Letter Together, the MakerLab, the Scrapbook NookSeed Studio, and the Durango Arts Center. There are a lot more things happening that I don’t include – so if you’re ever looking for something to do, start at
  • We have a variety of ways to spread around paint (smear, if you will). From brushes of many types and sizes, Catalyst wedges, and even wipe-out tools…. there’s probably an option you’ll enjoy employing. If those aren’t quite what you’re looking for, we also have an array of painting and palette knives. However you prefer to apply your paint, we can help you with the process!

Also just like the children mentioned in Rashad’s poem above, we are makers. Just because we’re children with more experience doesn’t mean that we need to play less, to create less, to be any less of a maker.

So feel free to embrace your inner child. Play, move, make. (Heck, grab those crayons.) The world needs your art, one piece at a time!

Matthew & the Art Supply House crew

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P.P.S – March has 5 Saturdays, so Customer Appreciation day is drawing closer! Do you have your bag ready?

P.P.P.S. – In case that wasn’t enough, our Spring Clean art supply drive is coming up next month.