Continuing Education

Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.
~ Abigail Adams

Nurses, architects, and so many other professions require licenses and some form of “continuing education” each year to qualify for a new permit to continue working. An artistic license is invaluable but not having one doesn’t limit us in our creative endeavors – which means it’s easy to learn enough to get started and just settle with that knowledge. There is always more to learn, however. Sometimes that means playing around and exploring possibilities on your own and other times it means a formal educational setting of some sort. There are so many options!

  • I stumbled across this week’s artist – Chris Dahl-Bredine – a couple of weeks ago and was immediately captured by his photos. After a near-death experience he decided to pursue a life-long dream of learning to fly. Then he had to share the world as seen from the air. I’m so glad he did! You can find additional info on his website and more photos and videos on instagram.

  • The Scrapbook Nook has a few classes coming up: Thursday at 1 if you like a challenge and want to learn some new techniques. Saturday at 10 join the ladies as they use rice paper, make a slider card, and more!
  • Some people watercolor like an oil painter.
  • The art supply manufacturers provide lots of great information about their products, if you’re interested in learning more about the supplies you use. Golden recently let us know more about which of their materials are vegan and showed how they run one of their tests for the sensitivity of their paints.
  • As a tech nerd, I whole-heartedly agree that self-publishing is at the heart of the healthy internet. So own your own platform and show your work.
  • Curious about plein air painting but struggle with the trees? Here is some advice for you.
  • Tomorrow night (Thursday) head over to Buckley Park from 5:30-7:30 to catch Elektric Voodoo for the Concert Hall @ The Park.
  • I love this idea about the ordinary parts of life (like washing dishes) is “the bedrock upon which the rest of experience ebbs and flows”.
  • The Animas City Night Bazaar will be back tonight (Wednesday) from 5-8. Head over to 3057 Main Avenue in the parking lot behind A Smile by Design for music, dancing, games food, booze, artisans and more!
  • Ever been curious about botanical printing? Tricia is teaching a workshop in Telluride over the first weekend in August! Learn more and reserve your spot here.
  • Our colors of the rainbow art contest wrapped up on Friday. We are still voting for the winners but will be announcing them (and the next contest) soon!
  • This week’s featured are the Montana Black spray paints! If you’re looking for artist-grade spray cans, Montana is your company. The Black line offers a wide color range and is a winter-proof all-around spray. We carry cans and assorted caps for different effects.

Last week, Kristen was out of the store for an art supply trade show and came back with even more enthusiasm and knowledge. (Talk about priming the pump on the firehose!) She passionately seeks more knowledge of art techniques, materials, and methods. She’s part of the reason we are having a brush blow-out sale – to make room for some of her new favorites. How are you continuing to learn, to grow as an artist?


Matthew & the Art Supply House crew

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